In our lifetimes, we meet many people. Some we see once and never see again and some become part of our lives for a time. In a lifetime, we may be privileged to meet a few who touch our hearts. We meet gifted, talented people, people from all walks and professions. Now and then we meet someone who makes a positive difference, someone who just seems to live from their heart. Rebecca is one of those people who make a difference. It is my privilege and honor to share time with her now and then, and I am always richer for the experience. She is a rare gem, shining brightly.
– Doug Hudson

Rebecca is a powerful performer and singer. She has the ability to reach into one’s soul with her music. Her voice is refreshing and fills the need in the market like no other.
– Dawne Kirkwood

When I need to go to that “quiet place of my soul” I listen to Rebecca. Her music has helped me work through some tough times. Pleasant, worshipful, peaceful… My heart speaks in ways my hand cannot pen!! Thank you, Rebecca.
– Joe Crawford

I’ve known Rebecca for several years now and have watched her grow into a person who truly understands the meaning of honor and integrity. She has a tremendous musical gift and is able to share those qualities through her music. I believe that her music will make people think about the important things in life.
– Nancy Ferguson

Rebecca’s music touches my soul and she teaches me to believe and have faith.
– Nancy Dean

Rebecca’s songs reach into my heart and lift my spirit. She is a beautiful lady inside and out!
– Patrick Dean

Rebecca’s beautiful voice lends an angelic quality to her inspirational accompaniment on piano. Moving, soothing, and powerful it is truly music from the heart.
– Diane Beinschroth, Facilitator for Leadership Seminars

Rebecca has inspired me to be the person that God wants me to be and to not compensate my faith.
– Marcy A.

When I listen to Rebecca sing, a peace fills my soul. Her voice calms me like the Lord wrapping me in a blanket.
– Linda B.

Rebecca’s music calms me down. And from that place I can open myself up to be able to hear God and move through what He is teaching me.
– Jen L.